Springettsbury Township, York County, PA

 Springettsbury Township officials were concerned about the increasing congestion and safety along the 2.0 mile long Haines Road/Memory Lane (S.R.2005) Corridor. Pressures of heavy through traffic in the Haines Road residential area and potential commercial/industrial growth with the redevelopment of the Caterpillar Plant (1.5 million square feet) led to the development of a master plan for the Corridor.

Key elements of the study were:

  • Origin and Destination (O/D) Survey
  • Needs Analysis
  • Development and Evaluation of Alternatives
  • Public Involvement Program
  • Recommended Capital Improvements Program

The study resulted in recommending a series of short and long term improvements to enhance safety and capacity. Conceptual improvement plans and cost estimates were prepared to provide the Township with the basis to request 12 Year Program funding and to provide a vision for future right-of-way and widening as development occurs along the Corridor. In addition, the need for a westbound off-ramp at U.S. Route 30 and Memory Lane (S.R.2005) was established.