Cumberland County, PA

 The U.S.15 and PA581 interchange area in Cumberland County consists of high traffic volumes, deficient ramp geometrics and limited ramp acceleration and deceleration lanes. As the area continues to grow, the demands on the roadway system will continue to increase. The purpose of this project is to provide improvements to correct the deficiences in the area, while continuing to maintain two lanes of traffic in each direction on U.S.15 and PA581 and maintaining all ramp movements.

Transportation Resource Group, Inc. (TRG) was selected as part of a team by PennDOT District 8-0 to complete the data collection efforts for this project in Cumberland County. By studying the existing transportation system, future traffic volumes can be projected, problem areas can be identified, and potential solutions can be analyzed.

TRG's work responsibilities included the completion of fifteen automatic traffic recorder (ATR) counts and twenty manual intersection and ramp counts throughout the area. The manual counts were used for peak hour analysis and were factored to AADT based on PennDOT criteria. Due to difficult placement of ATR counters on several of the ramp locations and due to safety concerns, manual short counts were conducted at eight ramp locations. The analysis then included factoring the short count data to produce annual average daily traffic volumes.

Due to the critical nature of the existing congestion on U.S.15, it was important to have the most accurate traffic counts available. TRG was selected to perform these counts due to their vast array of the most technologically up to date traffic equipment as well as their attention to detail in employing, retrieving and gathering data from the traffic counters equipment.